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Network Layer IP Address Blocking

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For many reasons (privacy, security, political etc). You might have been using a few ways to avoid get (or being sent) some information on the Internet.
Such as using Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox to avoid being tracked by websites. An ad blocker on your computer or phone. Avoid using some websites or apps. A VPN to avoid being monitored by your Internet service provider.

In this blog post. I'm going to show you how to block IP addresses.
Two majority ways are:


The Eaiser Way

DNS blocking on NextDNS

Almost all websites and apps need DNS for locating and identifying. A customizable DNS server will satisfy most of your needs. And a free service are already available on today's Internet.

It supports many protocols and platforms. Comes with a clean web managemnt page. Many blocklists, TLDs block, custom list are available.



Home Router Way

DNS blocking on OpenWrt

On my OpenWrt router I use two DNS related packages.

OpenWrt Documentation DoH with Dnsmasq and https-dns-proxy

opkg install https-dns-proxy luci-app-https-dns-proxy

OpenWrt Package DNS based ad/abuse domain blocking

opkg install adblock luci-app-adblock

If you enabled Force Router DNS in https-dns-proxy and installed adblock. DNS query (tcp/udp on 53 or 853 port by default) will be hijacked and filtered by adblock.

Large source requires large RAM. And some features NextDNS do but adblock don't support such as blocking TLDs.

If adblock don't satisfy your needs. A workaround is change upstream DNS server to NextDNS in /etc/config/https-dns-proxy.

That will be a double DNS filtering.

IP address blocking on OpenWrt

GitHub repo: kravietz/blacklist-scripts

These scripts use iptables with highly efficient ipset module to check incoming traffic against blacklists populated from publicly available sources.

I modified the script to fix a issue and supported HackingGate/Country-IP-Blocks.

View my modification note on GitHub Gist Comment.


Home Raspberry Pi Way

DNS blocking on Pi-Hole

More powerful than OpenWrt's adblock.

Pi-hole® Network-wide Ad Blocking

For homebridge-raspbian-image uesrs. Read the Wiki (

Pi-hole don't support DoH. You'll need additional tools. Or you can keep using https-dns-proxy (Force Router DNS enabled).

You can keep using NextDNS or adblock or both (that'll be a triple DNS filtering) on OpenWrt router depend on you.


Home VPN to allow you benifit away home

Setup WireGuard server on OpenWrt

Visit OpenWrt Documentation WireGuard server or my GitHub Gist Comment.

Setup WireGuard server Raspberry Pi

Go to Pi-hole documentation and follow the guide.


  • Should I stop using ad blocker extension on my web broswer?


  • Can I use both my home VPN and a third-party VPN service in the same time?

No (Because normally a third-party VPN will bypass your home protections). Ask what features are avaliable on your VPN provider, such as custom DNS, custom route, etc. Or consider setup a VPN on a VPS.

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