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Tag: osx

  1. Helloworld docker on osx without boot2docker

    Install Docker on OSX brew search docker There's too many search results, which one should I choose? 'boot2docker' is officially deprecated in favor of 'docker-machine' Install these following at least. brew install docker brew install do…

    osx, linux, docker

  2. Setting up a new Mac OS X

    1. Install Xcode Download the latest stable version from App Store Or view a full list available downloads from Apple Developer 1.1 Install Command Line Tools xcode-select --install 1.2 Install Homebrew ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubuser…

    osx, Xcode

  3. Remap keys in OS X tutorial for Emacs lovers

    Remap Caps Lock to Control Open System Preferences Then go to Keyboard - Modifier Keys... Remap Caps Lock to Control, then OK. Use Option as Meta key For system terminal users: For iterm terminal users: Use Meta key in Global Use DefaultKeyBinding.di…