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Tag: Xcode

  1. How to download Xcode with aria2c

    Why I wrote this? Download Xcode from unofficial site may contains malware, like XcodeGhost. So, we must download Xcode from Apple, there's two ways to download Xcode, one way is download latest version from Mac App Store, and another way is downlo…


  2. Setting up a new Mac OS X

    1. Install Xcode Download the latest stable version from App Store Or view a full list available downloads from Apple Developer 1.1 Install Command Line Tools xcode-select --install 1.2 Install Homebrew ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubuser…

    osx, Xcode

  3. Xcode project build number use svn revision

    I wrote a script auto read svn revision number and replace Xcode project build number. Select the project under TARGETS then click the + Choose New Run Script Phase Copy and paste this code I have uploaded this script to GitHub Gist Everytime when y…

    Xcode, svn